Wednesday (17/04/2013), 12:35, S520

14/04/2013 20:46

PhD Seminars wants to be a series of talks given by (not only Slovak) PhD students on any philosophical topic. So far we have had about 5 talks on analytic topics (let me mention Milos Kosterec's Elipse and Anaphoric Chain) and Martin Vacek's Metaphysics of Modality and Intuitions in Metaphysics. As our ambition is to meet every week anyone who thinks could contribute to the series, just drop us an  email 

Also, it is my pleasure to announce the speaker for this week. It is our own Martin Kompis and he is about to tell us something on Subjectivity and Intersubjestivity. All welcome. Wednesday (17/04/2013), 12:35, S520