Accepted Speakers

John Eriksson (University of Gothenburg): "Propositions as/and classificatory dispositions"

William Kilborn (with Bridger Landle) (The University of York): "Composition as Counterpart Identity"

Bridger Landle (with William Kilborn) (The University of York): "Many, but One"

Ainhoa Fernández (University of the Basque Country): "Act-based propositions and first person communication"

Geoffrey Hall (University of Notre Dame): "Booleanism and Belief"

Nikhil Mahant (Central European University): "The need for more than Reference"

Maciek Głowacki&Maciej Tarnowski (University of Warsaw): "What are names? On the metaphysics of words and identity puzzles"

Filipe Martone (University of Campinas): "Frege, content pluralism, and Millian Descriptivism"

Satarupa Chakraborty (Jawaharlal Nehru University): "The Role of Subject in “Understanding” Meaning: A Debate between Realism and Anti-realism"

Dirk Franken (University of Mainz): "The Real Problem with Kripkean Rigidity)"

Beatriz Santos (University of Oxford): "A Bridge from Semantic to Assertoric Content"

Michael Schmitz (University of Vienna): "Entertaining commitments Soames vs. Hanks on the nature of propositions"

Martin Glazier (University of Hamburg): "Actuality and Modality"

Francesco Spada (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia): "Does the Cognitive-Linguistic Paradigm of Propositions Rest on Stable Foundations?"

Nicholas Rimell (Jilin University): "Singular Propositions and Necessary Existence"

Andrea Raimondi (University of Nottingham): "Russellian Propositions, Proper Names and Translation"

Peter Marton (Bridgewater State University): "On the Identity Relations of Propositions"

Krystian Bogucki (Warsaw University): "Gottlob Frege on Compositionality of Language and the Context Principle"

Giulia Felappi (University of Southampton): "Mental acts as objects of thought?"

Thomas Hodgson (School of Philosophy and Sociology, Shanxi University): "Neutral Predication"

Jeremiah Joven Joaquin&James Franklin (De La Salle University&University of New South Wales): "A Causal Mentalist Theory of Propositions"