Confirmed Speakers

We are happy to announce (up to now) confirmed speakers and the titles of the papers:

  • Michael De (Utrecht University): Counterpossibles and the Impossible
  • Emily Caddick Bourne (University of Cambridge),  Craig Bourne (University of Hertfordshire): Impossible Fictions with Possible Objects 
  • Ryan Christensen (Brigham Young University):Essentially Contingent
  • Myroslav Hryshko (Ljubljana): Metaphysical Nihilism and Meontological Realism
  • Alex Kaiserman (Oxford University): Impossible Worlds and Macrophysical Zombies
  • Ceth Lightfield (University of California, Davis): Ficta as Mere Possibilia
  •   Dan Marshal l  (University of Hong Kong): A Puzzle for Modal Realism
  • Vasil Penchev (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences): The Almost Impossible Worlds in Quantum Information
  • Jiří Raclavský (Masaryk University, Brno): Tichýan (Im)Possible Worlds
  • Janine Reinert (Tilburg University): Ontological Omniscience in Lewisian Modal Realism
  • Maciej Sendłak (University of Szczecin): Is It Possible to Have Your Cake and to Eat It? Remarks on Hybrid Modal Realism
  • Marco Simionato (University ca’ Foscari – Venezia): Might There Be an Absolutely Empty World?
  • Adam Tamas Tuboly (University of Pécs): Why Should we Prefer Propositionersatzism to Strong Possible-worlds Fictionalism?
  • Nathan Wildman (Universität Hamburg): What’s Wrong with Weak Necessity?