Keynote Speakers

SVEN OVE HANSSON (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm) 

The Intuitive Base of Deontic Logic

Where do we find the intuitive base of deontic logic? Should we look for it in possible worlds, complete sets of actions, or single actions? And furthermore, can we connect deontic logic with evaluative concepts such as “best”, “good” and “better” in a meaningful way? This talk will consider different ways to anchor deontic logic in a formal structure, and show how the choice of anchoring affects of the logic.


OLIVIER ROY (University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth)

Dynamic Logic of Power and Immunity

In this talk I will present a dynamic logic for modeling legal competences, and in particular for the Hohfeldian categories of power and immunity. I will argue that this logic improves on existing models by explicitly capturing the norm-changing character of legal competences, while at the same time providing a sophisticated reduction of the latter to static normative positions. After showing the complete axiomatization of this logic I will apply it to a concrete case in German contract law to illustrate how the it can distinguish legal ability and legal permissibility.