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Forthcoming Changes

02/04/2013 04:47
  As you may have noticed several people have joined Slovak Metaphysical Society recently. Due to that very fact we decided to create profiles of the particular members. The profiles will appear at these pages soon so if you want to learn more watch this space.  

New member: Paniel Reyes Cardenas

30/03/2013 00:49
And another announcement. We are glad to inform that Paniel Reyes Cardenas (Sheffield) joined the Slovak Metaphysical Society. Paniel’s main philosophical interest focuses on Peirce's Pragmatism, the metaphysics of Scholastic Realism, modality, the philosophy of language and Virtue epistemology. To...

Akos Gyarmathy joined us!

24/03/2013 08:26
It is our pleasure to introduce another member of the Slovak metaphysical society - Akos Gyarmathy (Budapest University of Technology and Economics). Akos works primarily on varieties of the problem of freedom of the will and its metaphysical consequences. Welcome Akos!!!

Young Philosophy Conference - Impressions

22/03/2013 15:14
Due to various issues concerning the organization of the Young Philosophy Conference, we were not able feed these pages more frequently. Now, immediately after the last talk, we are happy to conclude that the conference turned out to be a great event. The papers presented in four sections were...

Young Philosophy Conference

12/03/2013 13:32
As you may know, PhD students at the Institute of Philosophy of Slovak Academy of Sciences organize a conference called Young Philosophy. You can find its program as well as abstracts of accepted papers here. 

New Member

08/03/2013 09:04
We are pleased to announce Petr Dvořak, PhD into Society. Petr is researcher at the Institute of Philosophy, editor-in-chief of the Filosoficky casopis, and assistant professor at Sts. Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology, Palacky University, Olomouc. He is also a part of a very interesting...

PhD Seminars held in Bratislava

04/03/2013 21:50
It's been a while we started running PhD seminars on any philosophical topic. Topic for this week is "Pre-theoretical Opinions in Metaphysics". We meet on Wednesday (6/3/2013). For more info, get in touch. Abstract below.    When doing philosophical analysis, our starting opinions must be...

Young Philosophy Conference

25/02/2013 15:28
It's our pleasure to have the  program  for the Young Philosophy Conference finalised. The conference takes place in Bratislava in March 21-22. For more info, contact us.  

(Not only) Analytic Philosophy Seminars

24/02/2013 15:52
We are happy to inform you all that we're currently running the seminars on any topic of philosophy for stuff as well as students around Slovakia.  We meet every Thursday 4:00 in the main building of the Comenius University in Bratislava. If you wish to present a paper (or work in...

Modal Metaphysics Conference

15/02/2013 21:16
For those of you interested in the Modal Metaphysics Conference, here are links to the program and the organizing committees' members.   Program Committee:   Eugen Andreansky Jiri Raclavsky Igor Sedlar Martin Schmidt   Organizing Committee:   Lukas Bielik Martin Vacek Marian...
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