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26/06/2023 21:46


18/05/2023 20:08
As usual, the conference takes place in Bratislava (Klemensova 19, 811 09). It is located in the city center, very easily accessible from any part of the town. Here is a map. To learn more about the city, this document might be helpful.   

Speakers (up-to-now confirmed)

18/05/2023 10:54
Barnabás Ágota Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary Moderately Limited Omnipotence My presentation explores the limits of God's omnipotence and the correct understanding of it. More precisely, it proposes a conception in which there is a limit to omnipotence, but it is limited to a very...


18/05/2023 10:53
June 7th   9:00-9:45 Registration 9:45-10:00 Coffee/opening 10:00-10:35 Room 1 Michael De (Utrecht University, Netherlands): Logic without Impossibilities Room 2  Peter...

To Bratislava

18/05/2023 10:52
Flying, driving, sailing or taking a train to Bratislava or Vienna? Here's your guide. Idle to say Bratislava is a very compact little big city. The best way to approch the historical part of Bratislava is by walk. Alternatively, its public transportation takes you to...

Where to Stay

18/05/2023 10:51
Glad to report that Bratislava is more and more hospitable. There is a lot of hotels, rbnb options and apartments near the venue. The best way is to check the websites, or We will, of course, be happy to advise you how to get from your hotel to the conference...


18/05/2023 09:22
  Sondra Bacharach (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) Fearing Fearless Girl On March 7th, 2017 New Yorkers woke to a new girl in town:  brave, little Fearless Girl stood, squarely facing off against the famous Charging Bull statue. Created Visbal and commissioned by State...

Issues on the (Im)Possible

02/07/2013 17:01
Here are some updates concerning the Modal Metaphysics Conference - Issues on the (Im)Possible, taking place in September in Bratislava. All welcome.

Issues on the (Im)Possible Info available Soon!

26/06/2013 21:39
Yes, all the important info on the conference will be available here by the end of June. Stay Tuned!

Bielik's talk cancelled!

14/05/2013 17:35
Yes, due to a lot of things going on right now Lukas's talk is postponed. However, another term will be arranged soon. 
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